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Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Africa Women – Unbelievable

Almost 99% of all people on earth knows about one of the biggest and largest continent, Africa.

But here are some hugely surprising facts you May not know about Africa. Can you list out the top 10 Africa countries with the most beautiful black Women?

Here are the list of the Ten countries in Africa with the most beautiful ladies.

You’ve probably heard of this famous quote that says: “Black is Beautiful” right?

Well, Today let us look at the 10 African countries with the most beautiful women. You won’t regret this enjoyable ride!

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Number #10: Cairo – Egypt

You must have heard of the Egypt, right? One of the oldest countries in the world which was never colonized.

Well, they are not only known for their history, but also they have beautiful women!

The ancient country of Egypt is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world, and not just ONLY in Africa.

Number #9: Zimbabwe

Though they are not too large in population when compared with other Africa countries, and despite the fact that Zimbabwe is going through economical and political issues, it still doesnt take anything away from the fact that Zimbabwe is a country of beautiful women. Zimbabwe made the list of the #9 home to Africa most beautiful ladies.

Number #8: South Africa

THE country which made the list of the Number #8 most beautiful Africa Ladies/Women is South Africa, and yes, it is undeniable that this country of more than 57 Million people, have some of the most beautiful Women in the World.

South Africa has got to count for something, right? Many faces gracing various runways, TVs and magazines are from South Africa, many from Johannesburg. If you have ever been to the great country, being in #8 won’t be a surprise to you.

Number #7: Democratic Republic of Congo

Yes, unbelievable, right?

Well, DR Congo, which is the name widely known around the world, is home to some really beautiful ladies.

You won’t believe it, but if you ever decides to Visit DR Congo, then you’ll certain ask me to push this country to be among the first 3rd of the most beautiful Africa countries in the world.

Number #6: Ghana

Ghana is widely known around the world, not only for their football skills, but their English intonation and Beautiful ladies.

There are countless beautiful ladies from Ghallywood who are making names for themselves, and these includes celebrities like Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, Juliet Ibrahim and countless others.

Ghana is is another country that is blessed with pretty women. If you check the Ghanaian film industry, you will know that the 5th spot is well deserved.

Number #5: Tanzania

There are so many beautiful ladies in Tanzania, and if you are a fans of Swahiliwood, then you must have seen numerous beautiful and breath-taking actresses in Swahiliwood

Making the top 5th list of Africa most beautiful Women is Tanzania, and you have to give it up for them. They aren’t only beautiful but superbly talented.

Number #4: Cameroon

Did you say Cameroon?

Yes, there are really beautiful Ladies out there in Cameroon, and there’s a popular adage in Cameroon that says: As a single Man, if you have not visit Cameroon, then you’re missing out.

This is Home to some of the most beautiful Women on planet earth.

Number #3: Kenya

Yes, Kenya Made the list of Africa most beautiful ladies, and not ONLY are they beautiful, but they are superbly talented in several ways, for example their acting skills.

Are you aware that World most beautiful lady is Lupita Nyong, who is a Kenyan?

Well, there are several people women who are gracing the beautiful land of Kenya and if you have ever visited their Capital, Nairobi, ONLY then will you understand my point.

Kenya is our #3. It might come as a surprise to many, but take a pause and check out the city of Nairobi.

Number #2: Nigeria

You must be really shocked and surprised if Africa most biggest and 3rd largest growing economy country, Nigeria did not make the list.

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world. Many of the most beautiful women in the world today are from Nigeria, like former Miss World, Agbani Darego, and several beautiful Actresses, including:

Omotola, Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo, Chacha Ike, Tonto Dike, Caroline Ekanem Danjuma, Chika Ike, Rita Dominic, Tiwa Savage, Mercy Johnson, Oge Okoye among several others.

Number #1: Ethiopia

Certainly, you must be fully aware that they are Number #1 in the list.

The Africa country with the most beautiful astonishing most beautiful Women is Ethiopia, the home of the beautiful.

Sitting comfortably at #1 on this highly esteemed and coveted list is the home of all beauties, “Ethiopia”

This is in fact one of the easiest decisions to make if you have ever visited the country.

ethiopian ladies

One sure fact is that the country Ethiopia is full of stunning ladies. There is not much to say about this city and its gorgeous women, just visit it and you’ll see for yourself. If you are single, there’s a huge possibility of you not coming back single

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