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  • Ethiopia military ranked 3rd most powerful in Africa

    Current military capabilities and available firepower for 2016 detailed.For centuries,
    African Countries Ranked by Military Power (2016)

    1. Egypt - 0.3056

    2. Algeria -0.4514

    3. Ethiopia - 0.7619

    4. Nigeria–0.7856 

    5. South Africa–0.8252 

    6. Angola–0.8878 

    7. Morocco - 0.9011

    8. Sudan -1.2356

    9. Libya - 1.3169

    10. Democratic Republic of the Congo - 1.3384

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    Heart burn – Bananas are natural anti-acid and can relieve your heartburn in a minute. If you feel the symptoms just munch on one banana and you’ll feel better instantly.

    Blood pressure – Bananas are rich in potassium but contain almost no sodium in them which is why they’re good for your heart. They can lower the blood pressure and prevent stroke or a heart attack.

    Energy – We already mentioned but let’s repeat just in case. Bananas give you energy and are a great pre-workout snack. They contain vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbs which increase your endurance and the high levels of potassium prevents muscle cramps.

    Anemia – People suffering from anemia can benefit greatly from introducing bananas into their diet because they can provide them with the much needed iron. Iron stimulates hemoglobin production and strengthens the blood suppl

    Ulcers – Ulcers can be really annoying because there are a limited number of things you can eat without causing stomach upset. Luckily for you, bananas are just perfect for this condition because they’re soft and mushy and protect the stomach lining from acid and irritation.

    Depression – Did you know that bananas can help you with depression? They are rich in tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, when ingested. In case you didn’t know, serotonin is the neurotransmitter which makes us feel happy, relaxed and in better mood. SO if you’re feeling down take one banana and you’ll feel much better.

    Constipation – Bananas have high amount of fibers which is beneficial if you’re suffering from constipation. They can stimulate bowel movement and relieve the symptoms.

    Nerves or PMS – If you’re feeling kind of down and stressed out, take a banana. They can regulate blood sugar and are rich in B vitamins, which naturally calm the nervous system and make people relaxed, resulting in an overall improved mood.

    Temperature Control – This may be the thing that surprised me the most, but bananas can lower your temperature and cool you off. This goes for when you’re feeling hot or if you have a fewer. Amazing, isn’t it?

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  • Save battery life on smartphone with a variety of battery saving tips

    How to improve smartphone battery life: 5 tips to make your phone's battery last longer - and the battery saving myths that won't help at all
    Fed up with charging your phone every night? We offer some simple tips and tricks you can use to make your phone's battery last longer, plus point out the battery saving myths that won't help you at all.

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  • Woman Punched By Man on Russian TV Show

    A clip from a Russian game show in which a male contestant throws competitor to the ground before punching her in the face has gone viral.

    In the contest, five competitors are standing around a car with at least one hand on a part of the vehicle. In a test of endurance, the last person to remain touching the car will win it as a prize.
    If you could punch one person (dead or alive) who would it be and why? Comment below and share your story!

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  • 13 years old girl looks like she 40 years old

    A 13 years old Girl has avery rare disease called Lipodystrophy that makes her skin grow fast and makes her look older than her age too much , she is only 13 but she looks like she is 40 also, her mom has the same disease



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