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  • Argentina and Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud, Spanish media say

    Lionel Messi handed jail term in Spain for tax fraud

    His father, Jorge Messi, was also given a jail term for defrauding Spain of €4.1m (£3.5m; $4.5m) between 2007 and 2009.

    They also face millions of euros in fines for using tax havens in Belize and Uruguay used to conceal earnings from image rights.

    However, they are likely to avoid jail.

    Under the Spanish system, prison terms under two years can be served under probation.

    The footballer and his father were found guilty of three counts of tax fraud in Wednesday's ruling by the court in Barcelona.

    During the trial, Lionel Messi claimed he "knew nothing" about the management of his financial affairs, saying he was "playing football".


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  • WOMEN Protest For Lack Of MEN To Make Them Pregnant

    Women in Kenya, Ndeiya ward say their drunkard husbands are unable to sire children and they may look elsewhere for sober bedmates. They said their men have abandoned their homes because of drinking too much illicit brew.

    Speaking during a peaceful protest at Thigio shopping centre on, the demonstrators said younger women are the worst affected as they are “unproductive”. “If you walk in this village, you will find so many young married women, but only a few are pregnant. Those who are not are suffering in silence because their men cannot perform,” resident Nancy Wangare said. She said men have been drinking anything alcoholic to keep them high, but society bears the consequences of se xual dysfunction.

     “It would not be a wonder if we start looking for men to sire our children. Our husbands will not know anything. We will trick them that the pregnancies are theirs and they will support us,” Wangari said. The 32-year-old mother of one separated from her husband four years ago.


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  • BREAKING NEWS - Eritrean Armed Force Entered Ethiopia


    by CDE

    14 June 2016 - After six hours long heavy fighting on Monday morning, Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) penetrated deep into Ethiopia's territory to counter-attack TPLF's unprovoked Sunday's attack on Eritrea.

    The Eritrean army crossed the border early on Monday at Kudu Haiwa [?] south of Tsorona, inside the stronghold of the current ruling party of the Ethiopian regime, in Tigray province to engaged in a fierce battle with TPLF troops.

    According to a source to Eritrean Press, 52 TPLF soldiers have been captured in Kudu Haiwa before EDF abandoned the garrison at around 11:00 am.

    On Sunday morning, The TPLF soldiers had reached the water reservoir of Tsorona, a kilometre and half south of the town before they were pushed back

    Yesterday, the TPLF Information Minister Getachew Reda admitted to AFP that their forces have sustained heavy causalities but refused to give the numbers. He said, "we are assessing the level of damages at the moment.

     source; Eritrean Press

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  • East Africa: Heavy Fighting Reported on Ethiopia-Eritrea Border

    Heavy fighting has broken out on the Tsorena front of Ethiopian-Eritrean border, HornAffairshas reported, quoting "multiple sources".

    According to theAwramba Times, fighting is taking place in two separate fronts, Tsorena and Zalanbesa.

    Addis Standard tweeted that Eritrea launched a "surprise attack on Ethiopia last night along the border" in southern Eritrea, but the government spokesperson has "no solid information as of yet".

    "Reliable sources" told the Awramba Times that the Eritrean regime launched the attack after the recent report by UN Commission of Inquiry, in which it says the regime has committed crimes against humanity.

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