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  • Argentina and Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud, Spanish media say

    Lionel Messi handed jail term in Spain for tax fraud

    His father, Jorge Messi, was also given a jail term for defrauding Spain of €4.1m (£3.5m; $4.5m) between 2007 and 2009.

    They also face millions of euros in fines for using tax havens in Belize and Uruguay used to conceal earnings from image rights.

    However, they are likely to avoid jail.

    Under the Spanish system, prison terms under two years can be served under probation.

    The footballer and his father were found guilty of three counts of tax fraud in Wednesday's ruling by the court in Barcelona.

    During the trial, Lionel Messi claimed he "knew nothing" about the management of his financial affairs, saying he was "playing football".


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  • BREAKING NEWS - Eritrean Armed Force Entered Ethiopia


    by CDE

    14 June 2016 - After six hours long heavy fighting on Monday morning, Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) penetrated deep into Ethiopia's territory to counter-attack TPLF's unprovoked Sunday's attack on Eritrea.

    The Eritrean army crossed the border early on Monday at Kudu Haiwa [?] south of Tsorona, inside the stronghold of the current ruling party of the Ethiopian regime, in Tigray province to engaged in a fierce battle with TPLF troops.

    According to a source to Eritrean Press, 52 TPLF soldiers have been captured in Kudu Haiwa before EDF abandoned the garrison at around 11:00 am.

    On Sunday morning, The TPLF soldiers had reached the water reservoir of Tsorona, a kilometre and half south of the town before they were pushed back

    Yesterday, the TPLF Information Minister Getachew Reda admitted to AFP that their forces have sustained heavy causalities but refused to give the numbers. He said, "we are assessing the level of damages at the moment.

     source; Eritrean Press

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  • Ethiopia military ranked 3rd most powerful in Africa

    Current military capabilities and available firepower for 2016 detailed.For centuries,
    African Countries Ranked by Military Power (2016)

    1. Egypt - 0.3056

    2. Algeria -0.4514

    3. Ethiopia - 0.7619

    4. Nigeria–0.7856 

    5. South Africa–0.8252 

    6. Angola–0.8878 

    7. Morocco - 0.9011

    8. Sudan -1.2356

    9. Libya - 1.3169

    10. Democratic Republic of the Congo - 1.3384

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  • Woman bites off husband’s ear in row over beer

    A woman has been arrested after allegedly biting off her husband’s during a row over beer.

    Jamie Elrod, 37, of Minnesota, is accused of shouting at him over alcohol before launching an attack.

    Police attended the scene to find her husband missing part of his ear.

    Officers also found blood on the floor.

    The victim said it Elrod had been drinking and, when asked what happened to the victim’s ear, she said she did not know.

    According to records, a review of the jail’s phone calls made by Elrod revealed that she had admitted to biting the victim’s ear off.

    Elrod is currently being held at the Stearns County Jail.

    source : metro


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  • A Chinese man opened a bank account with so much moldy cash that after 7 hours the counting machines broke

    A Chinese man took 5 million yuan (HK$6.04 million) of old banknotes to the bank to open an account and broke the machines as they tried to count it, local media reports.

    According to the report, the man surnamed Li from Sichuan Province carried eight bags of cash to a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China to open an account, the West China City Daily reported.

    Most of the 5 million yuan consisted of damp, mouldy banknotes.

    The machines took seven hours to count the total — from 1pm to 8pm — and even “burned out” one of the units, the report said.

    “Normally, counting banknotes will take approximately three hours,” one employee from the bank was quoted as saying.

    The money that the man brought to the bank was stacked in bundles, and the dampness made it difficult to separate the notes from each other.

    For some of the money, staff used electric hairdryers to separate them before recounting again.

    In May, a monk in Shanghai used more than 200,000 coins, each worth 10 fen, to buy water heaters for his temple at an appliance store, online news portal reports.

    Counting the coins took 13 hours, and they weighed 716kg in total.


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  • A woman from Australia chopped up nearly one million euros in cash before her death

    A woman from Australia chopped up nearly one million euros in cash before her death. The 85-year-old also cut up documents for a number of savings accounts. Actions were only uncovered after she died in an Austrian retirement home.
    Grandmother shredded her fortune of 950,000 euros because she didn't want to leave it to her relatives. An 85-year-old woman shredded nearly one million euros in cash in an apparent move to stop her family inheriting her fortune.The grandmother also cut up savings accounts books before her death in an Austrian retirement home. But the woman's surviving family will have the last laugh as the country's central bank has pledged to replace the 950,000 euros (£680,000) she destroyed. The cut up money and bank documents were only discovered after she died, prosecutors said. State prosecutor Erich Habitzl confirmed the discovery but said there was nothing he could do for the relatives.

    He said: 'The damage of the money in the woman's property is not a criminal matter, so we have not begun any investigation.' But the deputy head of the country's central bank's cashier division, the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), has said it will replace the money. Friedrich Hammerschmidt told Local newspaper : 'If the heirs can only find shreds of money and if the origin of the money is assured, then of course it can all be replaced. 'If we didn't pay out the money then we would be punishing the wrong people.'  

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  • Baby born with one eye, without nose

    Doctor says condition may be due to radiation or medicines

    An Egyptian mother gave birth to a boy with one eye almost in the middle of his face and without a nose, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

    The boy was born at a private hospital in the Northeastern town of El Senbellawein and with other deformities in the face and body, ‘Alyoum Al Sabei’ said.

    It quoted Dr Ahmed Badruddin, who is supervising the baby’s condition, as saying it could be a result of radiation or medicines taken by the mother.

    He said babies having such conditions normally die a few days after birth.



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