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Health Tips


    Heart burn – Bananas are natural anti-acid and can relieve your heartburn in a minute. If you feel the symptoms just munch on one banana and you’ll feel better instantly.

    Blood pressure – Bananas are rich in potassium but contain almost no sodium in them which is why they’re good for your heart. They can lower the blood pressure and prevent stroke or a heart attack.

    Energy – We already mentioned but let’s repeat just in case. Bananas give you energy and are a great pre-workout snack. They contain vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbs which increase your endurance and the high levels of potassium prevents muscle cramps.

    Anemia – People suffering from anemia can benefit greatly from introducing bananas into their diet because they can provide them with the much needed iron. Iron stimulates hemoglobin production and strengthens the blood suppl

    Ulcers – Ulcers can be really annoying because there are a limited number of things you can eat without causing stomach upset. Luckily for you, bananas are just perfect for this condition because they’re soft and mushy and protect the stomach lining from acid and irritation.

    Depression – Did you know that bananas can help you with depression? They are rich in tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, when ingested. In case you didn’t know, serotonin is the neurotransmitter which makes us feel happy, relaxed and in better mood. SO if you’re feeling down take one banana and you’ll feel much better.

    Constipation – Bananas have high amount of fibers which is beneficial if you’re suffering from constipation. They can stimulate bowel movement and relieve the symptoms.

    Nerves or PMS – If you’re feeling kind of down and stressed out, take a banana. They can regulate blood sugar and are rich in B vitamins, which naturally calm the nervous system and make people relaxed, resulting in an overall improved mood.

    Temperature Control – This may be the thing that surprised me the most, but bananas can lower your temperature and cool you off. This goes for when you’re feeling hot or if you have a fewer. Amazing, isn’t it?

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  • 13 years old girl looks like she 40 years old

    A 13 years old Girl has avery rare disease called Lipodystrophy that makes her skin grow fast and makes her look older than her age too much , she is only 13 but she looks like she is 40 also, her mom has the same disease



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  • Top 10: Things Women Hate About Men

    When you ask women about the things they hate about men, the list will practically be endless. While the things that women hate about men is a combination of big and small things, this article will describe the top 10 things women find most annoying about the men in their lives:

    1. Having a foul mouth
    While it’s true that most women don’t mind a swear word here and there when you get upset, they don’t like men who think that swearing is the only way they can express themselves.

    2. Being overly-dominant
    Most women want men who will protect them and make them feel safe–but they don’t want a dictator who tells them where to go, when to leave, who to talk to or what to wear. Dating a guy with a controlling nature can be pretty scary for women and will cause them to run from you very quickly.

    3. Their inability to commit
    It’s important for men to understand that when things begin to get serious, women tend to expect the two of you to become exclusive. Women hate being treated like a revolving door and being subjected to mind games, inconsistency and drama from a commitment phobic.

    4. Not being romantic
    Women want true romance along with the feeling of being emotionally connected to their men. Your girlfriend will easily become dissatisfied and will not even want to be touched by you once she senses that you only come around her for sex.

    5. Not keeping themselves up
    Although looks are not everything, women are not generally attracted to men with inadequate grooming, to include smelling bad, having bad breath, unkempt fingernails and wearing wrinkled clothing. Furthermore, not keeping yourself in shape shows women that you have little respect yourself and that you have no discipline, no motivation and no ambition.

    6. Being predictable
    Women absolutely hate predictable guys that never wan to do anything differently. They are attracted to spontaneous men who are unpredictable, untamed and successful with other women.

    7. Putting their friends first
    If you enjoy hanging out with the guys way more than you enjoy hanging out with your girlfriend and she can’t get you to stay home for some one-on-one time, there’s obviously something wrong.

    8. Constantly being argumentative
    Women hate dealing with guys that turn every conversation into an argument and constantly make them feel defensive and self-conscious.

    9. Checking out other women in front of them
    While it’s completely normal for guys to glance at other women (not excessively, but certainly now & then), it becomes a problem when a guy actually stares at other women and forgets that his girlfriend is actually standing right next him!

    10. Being needy
    Confidence and independence are very sexy traits in a man — insecurity and dependence are not. Women don’t want to deal with men who doubt themselves and need constant reassurance about their relationships, work and friendships.

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  • Kidney disease - Causes and treatment of kidney failure

    In this animation the functioning of the kidneys and the symptoms of kidney disease are explained. It tells about how kidney failure develops and what treatment can be applied.

    Healthchannel makes complex medical information easy to understand. With 2D and 3D animations checked by medical specialists, we give information on certain diseases: what is it, what are the causes and how is it treated? Subscribe to our Youtube channel and learn more about your health!

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  • 10 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Partner

    1. "Should I get my hair cut?" Yes? No? We like ... your hair?

    If you're just taking half an inch off or something, we're not even going to notice (unless you already have your hair short ... like half an inch short).

    This is just putting us in a situation where three things could happen: We say "yes," and you get offended because we don't like your hair as is. We say "no," and you cut it anyway. Or we both happen to agree.None of those situations are constructive and at least one ends in you getting mad at us.

    2. "Which dress looks best?"

    Our answer is always going to be the one that shows off your cleavage the most and then you're going to get mad we chose that one.

    3. "Do you want to come to my mom's birthday party?"

    No. We're going to go because we're obligated, but we'd rather stay home and screw around. Please don't tease us with the illusion of choice. Just tell us what day it is.

    4. Literally anything about your weight. Anything. You're good. You look good. And if you're asking, you're not going to believe us anyway. Just don't sweat it.

    5. "Did your ex do this better?"

    As far as we're concerned, our ex is dead to us so it doesn't matter.

    6. "Do find Jennifer Lawrence attractive?"

    Please don't ask this, because the answer is "yes" and you don't want to hear us say "yes" and we're also bad liars. Plus, it doesn't mean we don't like you. It just means we have eyes.

    7. "How often do you masturbate?"

    Literally anytime you aren't looking at us. All right,not literally, but it might as well be. We do it a lot. And we don't really want to talk to you about it because that's weird.

    8. "Notice anything different?"

    The only time you should ask this question is if you literally want your boyfriend to shit his pants for some reason. We probably don't know, unless it's something incredibly obvious like you dyed your hair a (drastically) different color or surgically grafted your iPhone to your face. Please don't make us guess.

    9. "Was that the best sex you've ever had?" 

    Here's the thing: The answer to this is always yes.That's either because it's true or because we're lying. Save both of us the awkwardness of the question and just be content with knowing we're going to tell you "yes."

    10. "What are you thinking about?"

    Something stupid. It's always something stupid and the reason we don't want to tell you is that it would take way too long to explain why we're thinking about what would happen if The Incredible Hulk were drafted to the New York Yankees and they played baseball on the moon and we are also all best friends. It's not because we were thinking of breaking up with you or even about you at all. We were honestly daydreaming about the dumbest thing ever and it isn't worth explaining.

    11. "Can we talk?"

    This is frightening no matter who asks it. If it comes from your partner or your boss or a friend or even if your fucking mailman knocks on your door and asks this question. This is shorthand for "let's talk about serious business" and that's never fun. This is especially evil if you add "later" to the end of the sentence, making us walk around all day in a perpetual pool of cold sweat.

    12. "Are you still going to the gym?"

    Nope, and now we know it's showing.


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  • 13 Things Mentally Strong People don’t do

    Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life. Check out these things that mentally strong people don’t do so that you too can become more mentally strong.

    1. They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves

    Mentally strong people don’t sit around feeling sorry about their circumstances or how others have treated them. Instead, they take responsibility for their role in life and understand that life isn’t always easy or fair.

    2. They Don’t Give Away Their Power

    They don’t allow others to control them, and they don’t give someone else power over them. They don’t say things like, “My boss makes me feel bad,” because they understand that they are in control over their own emotions and they have a choice in how they respond.

    3. They Don’t Shy Away from Change

    Mentally strong people don’t try to avoid change. Instead, they welcome positive change and are willing to be flexible. They understand that change is inevitable and believe in their abilities to adapt.

    4. They Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control

    You won’t hear a mentally strong person complaining over lost luggage or traffic jams. Instead, they focus on what they can control in their lives. They recognize that sometimes, the only thing they can control is their attitude.

    5. They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone

    Mentally strong people recognize that they don’t need to please everyone all the time. They’re not afraid to say no or speak up when necessary. They strive to be kind and fair, but can handle other people being upset if they didn’t make them happy.

    6. They Don’t Fear Taking Calculated Risks

    They don’t take reckless or foolish risks, but don’t mind taking calculated risks. Mentally strong people spend time weighing the risks and benefits before making a big decision, and they’re fully informed of the potential downsides before they take action.

    7. They Don’t Dwell on the Past

    Mentally strong people don’t waste time dwelling on the past and wishing things could be different. They acknowledge their past and can say what they’ve learned from it. However, they don’t constantly relive bad experiences or fantasize about the glory days. Instead, they live for the present and plan for the future.

    8. They Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over

    Mentally strong people accept responsibility for their behavior and learn from their past mistakes. As a result, they don’t keep repeating those mistakes over and over. Instead, they move on and make better decisions in the future.

    9. They Don’t Resent Other People’s Success

    Mentally strong people can appreciate and celebrate other people’s success in life. They don’t grow jealous or feel cheated when others surpass them. Instead, they recognize that success comes with hard work, and they are willing to work hard for their own chance at success.

    10. They Don’t Give Up After the First Failure

    Mentally strong people don’t view failure as a reason to give up. Instead, they use failure as an opportunity to grow and improve. They are willing to keep trying until they get it right.

    11. They Don’t Fear Alone Time

    Mentally strong people can tolerate being alone and they don’t fear silence. They aren’t afraid to be alone with their thoughts and they can use downtime to be productive. They enjoy their own company and aren’t dependent on others for companionship and entertainment all the time but instead can be happy alone.

    12. They Don’t Feel the World Owes Them Anything

    Mentally strong people don’t feel entitled to things in life. They weren’t born with a mentality that others would take care of them or that the world must give them something. Instead, they look for opportunities based on their own merits.

    13. They Don’t Expect Immediate Results

    Whether they are working on improving their health or getting a new business off the ground, mentally strong people don’t expect immediate results. Instead, they apply their skills and time to the best of their ability and understand that real change takes time.


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  • Here are the top 10 home remedies for melasma

    1. Lemon Juice

    Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener with superb astringent properties. The acidic nature of lemon juice also helps remove the outer layer of the skin, thereby eliminating a layer of the hyperpigmented skin.

    1. Extract the juice from one fresh lemon.
    2. Apply it on the affected areas and gently rub it around for one or two minutes.
    3. Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.
    4. Follow this remedy twice daily and you should see improvement within three weeks.

    2. Apple Cider Vinegar

    The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar makes it a powerful bleaching agent, which helps remove spots and make the skin much smoother and more radiant.

    1. Mix together equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water.
    2. Apply this solution on the melasma spots and allow it to air dry.
    3. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin gently.
    4. Follow this remedy once daily.

    3. Turmeric

    Turmeric can also reduce the skin’s melanin and help combat melasma. The active ingredient curcumin in turmeric spice has antioxidant and skin-lightening properties.

    1. Mix five tablespoons of turmeric powder with 10 tablespoons of milk to make a paste. It is best to use whole milk because it has lactic acid and calcium that helps exfoliate and soften the skin.
    2. Add one tablespoon of gram flour to thicken the mixture.
    3. Apply this paste evenly on the affected area.
    4. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.
    5. Repeat this treatment daily for best results.

    4. Onion Juice

    Onion juice is another effective home remedy to restore your natural skin tone. Onion juice has a range of sulfur-containing compounds that can fade dark patches or discoloration on the skin. Also, onion juice provides nourishment to the skin cells.

    1. Finely chop two to three onions.
    2. Put them in a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze it to extract the juice.
    3. Measure the onion juice and mix it with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar.
    4. Apply it on the affected area with a cotton ball.
    5. Leave it for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.
    6. Follow this remedy twice daily for a few weeks.

    5. Aloe Vera Gel

    Due to the presence of mucilaginous polysaccharides in aloe vera gel, it can alleviate hyperpigmentation and restore your skin’s original color. It can also remove dead skin cells andpromote regeneration of new skin cells.

    1. Cut open an aloe vera leaf and extract the fresh gel.
    2. Apply the gel thoroughly on the affected area and gently massage for one or two minutes.
    3. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
    4. Follow this remedy twice daily for a few weeks.

    6. Oatmeal

    Oatmeal is an amazing natural exfoliating agent that can remove brown spots on the face and dissolve dead skin cells to give you brighter, glowing skin.

    1. Mix together two tablespoons of oatmeal powder, two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of honey.
    2. Apply it on the affected area.
    3. Wait 20 minutes and rub off the mixture with water.
    4. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.
    5. Do this two or three times a week for a month.

    7. Almonds                                                                            

    The high protein content in almonds has a skin-lightening effect. Also, almonds contain vitamin E thatnourishes the skin and removes discoloration.

    1. Mix one teaspoon of powdered almonds with enough honey to make a thick paste. Gently rub the paste onto the affected skin and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry. Do this three or four times a week until you see improvement.
    2. Alternatively, grind five soaked almonds with enough milk to make a fine paste. Add one teaspoon of honey to it and mix well. Apply the paste on the affected skin before going to sleep. Leave it on overnight and wash it off with cold water the next morning. Use this remedy daily for two weeks.

    8. Horseradish

    Horseradish is another traditional treatment for melasma. The bleaching property of horseradish will bleach out any kind of discoloration of the skin, including melasma.

    1. Cut horseradish into slices and rub it directly on the affected skin. Allow the juice of the horseradish to dry on its own. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Repeat once a week until the brown patches fade away.
    2. Mix two tablespoons of horseradish powder in one cup of sour cream. Apply it on your skin and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. Do this once a week until you see positive results.

    9. Papayas

    Papain, the enzyme found in papayas, is a natural exfoliating agent that can eliminate dead and damaged skin cells.

    1. Mash a ripe papaya to get a paste-like consistency.
    2. Add two tablespoons of honey to one-half cup of the mashed papaya paste.
    3. Apply it as a mask over the affected skin area.
    4. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
    5. Follow this remedy once a week for several months.

    10. Sandalwood

    Sandalwood is another effective skin-lightening ingredient that can enhance skin complexion and reduce the signs of melasma as well as other types of blemishes.

    1. Mix equal parts of sandalwood power, turmeric, whole milk and lemon juice to make a thick paste.
    2. Apply the paste on the affected skin and allow it to dry on its own.
    3. Splash some water on your face to moisten the mask and scrub it off in circular motions.
    4. Finally, rinse with more water and pat dry.
    5. Follow this remedy three or four times a week until you get the desired result.
    6. Along with the melasma remedies, you must limit your exposure to the sun for prolonged periods of time.

    Also, remember to use sunscreen when you go out to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Plus, eating high-fiber foods and drinking plenty of water will help get rid of toxins and treat melasma.


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