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A Chinese man opened a bank account with so much moldy cash that after 7 hours the counting machines broke

A Chinese man took 5 million yuan (HK$6.04 million) of old banknotes to the bank to open an account and broke the machines as they tried to count it, local media reports.

According to the report, the man surnamed Li from Sichuan Province carried eight bags of cash to a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China to open an account, the West China City Daily reported.

Most of the 5 million yuan consisted of damp, mouldy banknotes.

The machines took seven hours to count the total — from 1pm to 8pm — and even “burned out” one of the units, the report said.

“Normally, counting banknotes will take approximately three hours,” one employee from the bank was quoted as saying.

The money that the man brought to the bank was stacked in bundles, and the dampness made it difficult to separate the notes from each other.

For some of the money, staff used electric hairdryers to separate them before recounting again.

In May, a monk in Shanghai used more than 200,000 coins, each worth 10 fen, to buy water heaters for his temple at an appliance store, online news portal reports.

Counting the coins took 13 hours, and they weighed 716kg in total.


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